A word from the president
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A word from the president

photo:Kenshi Nakagawa
Kenshi Nakagawa

Ina Research Inc. is located in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, an area rich in nature and surrounded by the two mountain ranges of the Japanese Alps. For 40 years since its establishment, "INA" has been committed to the continual development of its expertise and technology in order to provide reliable services of the highest quality.

Reliability, though basic, is the core principle governing our business activities. We focus on maintaining a solid organization that practices respectable business ethics and does not compromises on quality to assist the reliable development of the nonclinical and clinical testing industries. We consider ourselves your partner in development.

The pharmaceutical industry is ever-changing, with new drug trends and approaches to development, and the possibilities for medical care in the future seem limitless. In such an environment, we need to offer great flexibility and effectively utilize existing management resources to adjust to the changing demands of our clients.

At INA, we prioritize the maintenance and improvement of reliability, enhancement of expertise and technology, strategic planning and development of products and services and the improvement of human relations and effective collaborations.

Keeping these priorities in mind, we strive to create an even stronger organization through further improvement of relations with our clients and partners, and the provision of on-going employee training and other activities.

As a consulting company, a trustworthy and reliable partner for you, we will continue to strive tirelessly toward development. Thank you for your continued interest in Ina Research Inc., and we look forward to working with you.

Kenshi Nakagawa
President, Chief Executive Officer
Ina Research Inc.