Ina Research, a name derived from the location of its head office in Ina City, Nagano, Japan, nestled in rich nature between the Central and Southern Japanese Alps.

From this peaceful and picturesque location, INA has faithfully employed high corporate ethics, focusing on quality and reliability. INA has used its wide network to develop unique skills and knowledge, allowing it to succeed through the tests of time since its establishment in 1974.

INA is engaged in two main businesses.

Our main area of expertise is safety and pharmacology study services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals and agrochemicals, etc.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, development is spreading to new technological areas such as biopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, and gene therapy, with efforts being concentrated on yet incurable target diseases such as cancer, central nervous system and rare diseases. In addition, computerization of new drug applications is progressing, starting with the United States.

Reliability, though basic, is the core principle of our operation. All employees dedicate themselves to maintaining the reliability of this company through uncompromising standards and high level training programs.

Our other area of expertise is environmental equipment. Under ever-changing environmental regulations, restricted substances are required to adhere to increasingly strict emission standards. INA developed unique products such as a cyclone scrubber air conditioning system, honeycomb filter, etc. based on the know-how gained from the installation and operation of experimental equipment at our very own laboratory over the past 30 years. This technology is now employed in many companies throughout Japan in a wide variety of industries.

For more than 40 years, INA has been advancing efforts to answer the changing needs of the times. As an R&D company in this forever changing environment, we are working towards improving global health, and we aim to be your best consulting partner in this noble effort.

Kenshi Nakagawa
President, Chief Executive Officer
Ina Research Inc.