Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


It is our wish for the eternal peaceful coexistence of all humankind. We strive to achieve this goal through the exploration of life sciences and by contributing to the maintenance of the global environment, to make healthcare of the future a reality.

To accomplish this aim, we strive to always:

1.focus on society, and work on things we should do and that only we can do.

2.keep the spirit of investigation and imagination alive.

3.make the best efforts to trust others and to be trusted by them.


It is our wish for the eternal peaceful coexistence of all humankind. We strive to achieve this goal through the exploration of life sciences and by contributing to the maintenance of the global environment, to make healthcare of the future a reality.


In order to put the above principles into practice, we strive to be:

1.a company group which gains and maintains the confidence and patronage of every client as a non-clinical CRO

2. a company group which meets the various needs of this industry, including those of internationalclients.

3.a company which has the flexibility to respond to changes in order to survive within the global market.

4.a company which keeps growing and innovating day by day.

5.a company in which every member is filled with hope, confidence, creativity and willingness to progress.