Information Security Policy

1 Purpose

INA established the “Information Security Policy” to protect clients’ and INA’s information assets from risks of leakage, falsification, interference of use, unauthorized access, etc, and to fulfill the social responsibility. INA will promote proper information management and conduct continuous audit and improvement of the information management.

2 Definition of the “information security”

The “information secrecy” is defined as the assurance and maintenance of the 1) confidentiality (information must not be leaked), 2) integrity (the content of the information must be accurate with no deficiency), and 3) availability (necessary information can be used as required) of the information. The “information” includes confidential, personal, financial and business information of the company, clients, suppliers, employees, etc.

3 Application

The information security policy applies to all sections and units of INA, all areas where INA’s business is implemented and all employees of INA, including officers, advisers, regular employees as well as contractual employees and employees in collaborating companies (applicable persons).

4 Obligation

The applicable persons have to comply with the related laws, working regulation and the information security policy. Any concern on the information security should be reported to the responsible person through the superior. Violators may be punished according to the laws and regulations.

5 Constitution of the information security policy

The information security policy is composed of the basic policy, rules, detailed rules and the section rules, etc. These should be reviewed regularly and improved continuously.

6 Organizational structure

The organizational structure to maintain the information security is the same as the company organization. The president is the top of it. The senior director of the Administration Division is the chief operating officer. The senior directors, head of the Safety Research Center and department directors are responsible for implementation of the information security policy in their posts of duty through self-enforcement, education of the staff and continuous improvement of the information security policy.

7 Information security education

INA will execute continuous education of the information security to the applicable persons to increase awareness and ensure appropriate implementation of the information security.

8 Disclosure of the information security policy

The basic policy, rules and the detailed rules that compose the information security policy are disclosed to all employees of INA, including directors, advisors and regular employees. Disclosure to the dispatched workers and employees in collaborating companies is on the discretion of the directors in charge. Publication, e.g., on the web, requires approval according to the in-house publication regulation.

Kenshi Nakagawa.
President, Chief Executive Officer
Ina Research Inc.

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