Safety Assessment of Agrichemicals

Safety Assessment of Agrichemicals

Ina Research is able to cover a full range of studies for new agrichemicals/product registration due to ourstrong alliance with CROs, highly regarded worldwide.  We are your One-Stop service provider for a complete test package. We also offer consulting services for safety assessments in accordance with regulations of each country at your request.

Mammalian Toxicity and Mutagenicity

Ina Research conducts various types of toxicity studies, and our collaboration with Southern Research (USA) enables us to offer neurotoxicity studies.  Also, Vivotecnia (Spain) is capable of inhalation toxicity studies.

  • General Toxicity
  • Reproductive and developmental toxicity
  • Carcinogenicity
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Irritation
  • Sensitization
  • Mutagenicity

Environmental, chemical analysis, persistency, metabolism and endocrine disruptor tests

The following studies are available in partnership with IES (Switzerland). Each one of Ina Research, IES, Southern Research and ZeClinics (Spain) has capability of endocrine disruptor tests.

  • Efficacy on aquatic animals and plants (algae, fish, water flea, chironomid, etc.)
  • Efficacy on other beneficial organisms (bees, natural enemies, silkworms etc.)
  • Kinetics in soil/water
  • Metabolism in animal/plant/livestock
  • Study of persistence
  • 5-Batch analysis
  • Physical chemical properties
  • Study of endocrine disruptors

Global Alliance for Agrichemical Development

Southern Research

Southern Research(USA)

One of the largest contract research institution in the United States with 75 years experience.  NTP-designated laboratory for reproductive and developmental toxicity, and trusted by the US authorities.

Vivotecnia SL

Vivotecnia SL(Spain)

Specializing inhalation studies with state-of-art inhalation devices.  Their range of experience spreads over single toxicity, repeated toxicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity and carcinogenicity studies.

IES -Innovative Environmental Services Ltd.

IES -Innovative Environmental Services Ltd.(Switzerland)

This CRO specializes in environmental studies.  They have capabilities in ecotoxicological tests, environmental fate tests, various metabolic tests and chemical analyses (e.g., five batches) for both aquatic and non-aquatic animals and/or plants.

ZeClinics SL

ZeClinics SL(Spain)

Has expertise in zebrafish studies and particular capabilities for endcrine disruptor screening tests in zebrafish.