Health Food Studies

Health Food Studies

Non-clinical Studies

Efficacy Studies

Below are some examples of the disease model animals available for food efficacy studies. INA also offers free advice and study design planning.

  • Improvement of insulin resistance
  • Reductive effects in hyperlipemia model animals
  • Reductive effects in hypertensive model animals
  • Bone loss inhibitory effects in ovariectomized osteoporosis models and osteopenia models prepared by sciatic neurectomy
  • Improvements to arthritis in arthrorheumatism model animals
  • Antitumor effects
  • Antistress effects

Safety Studies

All studies are GLP compliant and follow the relevant toxicity study guidelines for pharmaceuticals, as well as Japanese government regulations regarding Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU, 1998 ).

  • Single dose toxicity
  • Repeated dose toxicity
  • Genotoxicity (Ames, chromosome aberration; CHL cell, human lymphocytes and micronucleus tests)
  • Reproductive and developmental toxicity