Safety Assessment of Chemicals

Safety Assessment of Chemicals

Ina Research conducts safety assessment of chemicals to form the basis for GHS classification, SDS preparation, REACH registration, etc. Our laboratory was the first facility in Japan to be fully-certified by AAALAC International, an international authority on animal welfare.


Acute toxicity (oral, dermal)
Repeated dose toxicity (subchronic/chronic)
In vivo irritation (skin, eyes)
In vitro irritation (human skin model, human cornea model)
Genotoxicity (Ames test, chromosomal aberration test, micronucleus test)
Sensitization (Maximization method, etc.)
Reproductive toxicity

Studies are conducted in compliance with OECD Guidelines.
Our experienced researcher will propose appropriate study designs for your goal.

Screening Tests

We conduct initial screening for acute toxicity, irritation (vivo / vitro) and genotoxicity (Ames), etc. at low cost and with quick delivery of results. We incorporate requests wherever possible.

  • Flash reporting
  • Simple reporting
  • Multiple substances within a single protocol

International GLP Compliance

Studies are conducted according to any requested international regulations as well as domestic GLP. Ina Research’s wide-reaching alliance network allows us to provide thorough regulatory consulting services.
Scope of Service: Japan, United States, China, Korea, Taiwan, Canada and Australia

Expert Consulting

Ina Research offers consulting services by experts on the management of food additives, cosmetics, food contact materials, nanomaterials, etc.