At INA, necropsy and histotechnology are performed by well-trained technicians, and histopathological examinations are performed by certified toxicological pathologists, veterinary pathologists and toxicologists. Furthermore, we schedule regular in-house educational seminars, taught by our esteemed advisor of pathology.




Prompt and accurate postmortem examinations

  • Perfusion fixation
  • Specific fixation of organs/tissues


  • Preparation of specimens for light microscopy (routine preparation, serial sections, large sections of the brain, etc.)
  • Preparation of specimens for electron microscopy (TEM)
  • Preparation of frozen sections (cryostat)
  • Special staining (PAS, PAM, iron, Masson trichrome, Azan Maroly, Elastica Van Gieson, fat, etc.)
  • Immunohistochemical staining (immunoenzymatic technique)


  • Examinations under light and electron microscopes
  • General toxicity studies
  • Specialty toxicity studies (irritation, etc.)
  • Efficacy studies
  • Disease models (arthritis, nephritis, etc.)

Peer review

  • INA will cooperate with the designated peer reviewer of your choice. Alternatively, the introduction of reliable and well-experienced peer reviewers is also possible. Conduct of the peer review process is stipulated in the study protocol, and all related records are stored as study data.
  • INA pathologists can also peer-review studies carried out at other facilities.